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Planning of the Salzburger Leite car park in Bad Neustadt / Saale with 81° inclined structure on commission of the Kriesche architects' office (2016 - 2019)

Our special expertise gained from numerous projects in small, medium-sized and large cities regarding the planning of parking space – mostly targeted at the preparation of a parking space concept – is in demand when the traffic connection to sensitive city areas needs to be provided. The traffic demands are always a response to urban use – living, trade, handicraft, public services, culture and educational institutions.

Under consideration of the needs of all kinds of transport – individual, business, public urban transport, bike and pedestrian tracks, we develop strategies and tools to manage the parking space for the entire area by taking the particular place and case into consideration. In developing the concept of activities we pay attention to details, even labelling the particular parking areas, for example.


Our services

Parking space target concept

  • Parking space concepts as integral part of traffic development plans and urban master plans.

Structural analyses of space

  • Arrangement of land use 
  • Socio-demographic analyses 
  • Mobility analyses
  • Efficiency assessments 
  • Master conditions regarding planning laws


  • Interviews of households
  • Interviews of passers-by
  • Interviews of businesses 
  • Interviews in running and inactive traffic
  • Written interviews
  • Interviews

Parking space ascertainments

  • Inspection of areas
  • Inspections of areas by using a video-equipped vehicle
  • Capturing of registration plates

Parking space offer

  • Design
  • Management
  • Accessibility 
  • Location

Parking space demand

  • Daily time variation curve 
  • Weekly time variation curve
  • Annual time variation curve
  • Street space
  • Parking bays
  • Car parking facilities

Parking time distribution

  • Number of vehicles
  • Parking duration
  • Short-term parkers
  • Long-term parkers
  • Residents
  • Visitors
  • Customers
  • Commuters for work or education
  • Commercial transport

Parking balance – analysis of the actual status

  • Parking space utilisation 
  • Conflict analysis
  • Territorial assessment
  • Assessment regarding the time of day
  • User-specific assessment

Parking balance – Predictions

  • General trends
  • Location-related trends
  • Prediction scenarios

Efficiency analyses

  • Accessibility parameter 
  • Capacity parameter
  • Conformity assessment from the view of urban development and transport policy

Preferred concept

  • Efficiency analysis
  • Economic analysis

Action plan

  • Public streets
  • Parking facilities
  • Short-term parkers
  • Long-term parkers
  • Residents
  • Commercial traffic
  • Parking space management
  • Evolution of the parking space offer
  • Parking guidance system

Implementation concept

  • Immediate and short-term actions
  • Medium-term actions
  • Long-term actions
  • Singular actions
  • Chain actions
  • Definition of priorities

Cost and funding plan

  • Cost estimation 
  • Sponsors of actions
  • Funding sources

Public relations

  • Working group “concept preparation”
  • Project group “concept implementation”
  • Informing the public
  • Participation of persons concerned




Example for inspecting the parking space by using a video-equipped car